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Hybrids of composite reinforcement with steel fiber ArcelorMittal HE +1/60

Place of project implementation: Gostynin, Masovian district

We are introducing another completed investment. Foundation slab with an area of 275.00 m2.

Place of project implementation: Gostynin, woj. Mazowieckie

This is the first project in which we used a hybrid composite reinforcement with ArcelorMittal HE +1/60 steel fiber.

Insulation under the plate: 10cm XPS.
Insulation around the board: 10cm EPS Hydro.
The plate is 25cm thick.
Class C30 / 37 W8 S4 concrete.
Garage faded with colored topping without further finishing.
The cost of investment without earthworks: PLN 86,000.00 gross.

When comparing prices, you should take into account the local costs of buying concrete and handling the pump for it.

The record was made in July 2018.