Construction Group S.A.

FibroTech Construction Group S.A. is a company established to disseminate and develop fiber concrete technology on the Polish and European market. Along with the development of the enterprise, the form of doing business has changed. The company’s participation in the stock market was an indispensable element of the international development of the project. It is also the best and the clearest way to invite Partners and Investors to cooperate and share the results of our successes.

What we do?

FibroTech Construction Structures

Realization of projects implementing our products and ideas

FibroTech Distribution

Distribution of materials and basalt fiber cut and packaged by us

FibroTech Construction

Recruitment of construction companies, a network of partners and the “Reliable team” program.


The issue or redistribution of currently issued shares is to help raise capital for numerous implementation studies. The result of this research is to be the creation of unprecedented concrete reinforcement solutions on the market.

Our experience with fibers and products based on them dates back to 2011. The FibroTech Construction Group S.A. team consists of experienced technologists and designers. Companies constituting separate departments are run by an engaged team that can boast of achievements in other areas of the economy. We divide into three divisions constituting separate companies: FibroTech Konstrukcje Budowlane, FibroTech Dystrybucja and FibroTech Budownictwo.

Our company’s tri-division and offer meet the expectations of clients of all sizes: single-family housing, development and industrial construction, specialized construction (e.g. hydrotechnical), as well as Distribution and Executive Partners interested in profits resulting from cooperation with FTCG S.A.

The resource management policy enables us to conduct a clear sales and service policy and to spread the responsibility for business operations.

Our departments:


FibroTech Building Structures

The department is responsible for the implementation of projects implementing our products and ideas and for seeking new solutions to the problems presented to us. This branch is responsible for cooperation with laboratories and research centers. This segment also contains our company’s greatest asset: knowledge of how to use dispersed and composite reinforcements in order to obtain high quality and the lowest possible price, while accelerating the project implementation process.


FibroTech Distribution

The distribution of our partners’ materials as well as basalt fiber cut and packaged by us is concentrated in this segment. The offer includes fibers of many types and species, reinforcing bars made of fiberglass or basalt fiber composite and the highest quality resins, aggregates from our mine resources, and a number of products for which the fiber is an intermediate, e.g. repair mortars for concrete with basalt fiber.


FibroTech Construction

The biggest challenge of the current construction market is acquiring proven and qualified construction staff. As part of the “Reliable Crew” Partnership program, we recruit construction companies with the potential we need. Thanks to the network of Partners, we can guarantee an attractive implementation price, experienced contractors and the highest quality of services. Executive partners can, however, guarantee faster contract performance, while maintaining the same or higher profitability of the project.

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